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Nov 12, 2012 5:30am EST
says he and seeatorrlindsey graham of south carolina are set to pfficcally restart talks.they crumbled two years ago.schumer a plln that will appeal o all thinks it can get passed.the bipartisan plan has four key elements, including stronger border security, and a tough loveepath to citizenship or those aready here. thh iconic blueedress... oncc wwrn by judy garland in "the wizard of oz"... sells at aucti. auutiin.over thh weekendd.. an says it sold for 4-hundded-80- - old hollywwod were also auctioned off... including one of marilynnmonroe's skirrs... and a dress worn n "the sound coming up on the early pditton... congress... about to get back to work. work.the major challenges our lawmakers are facing... right out of the gate. p3 &p((break 1)) ((ad lib meteorologisst) 3 ((traffic reporter 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs))) 395 iberrt shwan 3 it's our fox45 "thanks giveaway" 100 doolar visa giftcards every hour, everydaa on fox45 morning news through thanksgivi. thanksgiving. 3 you haae 15 minutes to call us at 10-481-4545 to wwat to get your name in the box?go to facebook dot com
Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm EST
scandals in modern american historr. graham says, "wwtergate investigation benefitted from a joint selecc benefitted from a select committee, i thinkkfinding the trrth about benghazi is only resources of these three committees and do it in a &pprofessional manner." the republican proposal would bring together theesenate intelligeece, armed ervices investigation now hs attleast three lines of inqqiry. there is thh questionnof uupability of secrrtaryyclinton and her department. ayotte says, ""e know there were caales, requests made from the state departmenn officials asking for enhanced security and so that's why you can sse where this investigation has to bee looked at in a complete fashion, rather than n a stovepipe." there are statements that the benghazi terrorist attack was a demonstration against the anti- islam video that spun out of control, an explanation also given by suuan rrce, which intelligence reportingg graham saas, "why did you pick her to tell us about bennhazi? ambassador." and now some lawmakers openly question wheeter the cia director knew he was the su
Nov 10, 2012 10:30pm EST
, a mystery box with a mystery guest... (joe) go get him, graham. that's bad ass. (announcer) as the contestants cook alongside a michelin star chef. he's one of the most talented chefs on the planet. (announcer) and when the home cooks face a new challenge... [sizzles] [screams] (announcer) disaster strikes. look at the [bleep] mess. you see this? (announcer) and after one elimination, there is a shocking twist. they're gonna cut two people? what? good morning. it's down to 11, and we are the best home cooks of america. welcome. welcome. welcome. welcome. sometimes i look at these mystery boxes and wonder, "what would a true masterchef do with those ingredients?" oh, my gosh. well, today we're going to find out. no way, dude. that's awesome. we have invited a michelin starred chef, a true visionary in the world of food, to cook alongside of you all.
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm EST
rice. obama says: "if senator mccain and senator graham, and somebody, they should go aater me. 14:04:07 to besmirch er reputation go after me. 14:00:07 to somebody, they should others want to go after senator graaam, and senaaor mccain and obama says: "if enatoo mccain and senator grahhm, and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. 14:04:07 to besmirch her reputation is outtageous." the president also challenged repuulicans tt agree to extend expiring tax cuts for middle class ameriians.obama says: "but what i'm not going to do is to extend bush tax cuts for the wwalthiest 2 percent that we can't afforddand, according to economists, will have the ecooomy." congress has until the nd of the yyar to come up with a deficit reductioo laanto avoid across the board tax hikes and referred to as the 'fiscal cllff.'obamm says: "so, i want a bg deal. i want aacomprehenssve deal." boswell says: ""resident obama is scheduled to meet with house and seeate leaders friday to beggn the negotations for yeeteeday we told you about some online petitions in the
Nov 15, 2012 5:00am EST
... not pre-plannee attack.senator john mccain senaaor lindsey graham just doeen't trust her..nd the peason i don't trust her is because i think she knew better and if she didn't knoww better, she shouldn't beethe vooce of america. president baaack obama had a message to the senators in rice'' defense. if senator mcccin and senator ggrham and others want to go afttr me. and i'm happy toogo - have that iscussion with them. the senators oppose rrce possibly being nominatee to seerrtary of state to replace hillary clinton and say they will do whatever they can tt block it.senator rand paull says he's no fannof rice, but there are biggee issues at play.the more important no marines guarding our &pambassador? whh made that decision, is likely to be discussed uring these hearings.i'm martha shade reporting.-----end----- cnn.sccipt----- paula broadwell... the woman attthe center of tte scandal that took down c-i-a director david petraeus... is without &pher military securrty clearances, right now..hey have been suspended pending an a military intelligence reservist and wasspromoted tt the rank
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am EST
's deffnse. 3&if senattr mccain and senator graham and others want to go &pafter somebbdy, they should g have that discussion with them. them.former c-i-a director david petraeus is scheduled to address the senate house intelligenne committee tomorrow.his testimony was in question after his sudden pesignation last week. it's a sight you have to see to believe! believe!surveillance video shows... dr. kristin lynes howarr... speeding frrm a supermarket parking lot... jumps a edian... and onto a two other cars! carsshoward pleaded noo guilty the influence of prescriitin drugs.police say she prescribed herself drugg, and told them... her car had aa mechanical maafuuction.a hospitalized...and howard ... a one time doctor of the year... was fired from her job. 3 3one of the more nique holiday columbia thii morning. nearly elss. joel d. smith is live at the "mall in columbia" to &psee how they do it, and ore importantly... how tooproperly say poinsettia" good morning joel d. d. 3 p3 3 and orlando mmgic cheerleader...takes quite a nasty tumble! tuuble!but find ut what she peopll talking!a
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6